Yummly a Recipe Community.  Hey do you know about Yummly?

Yummly a recipe community is a great place to find and share amazing recipes. Pie Lady Bakes can be found there often! Just click the Yum button!

If you love sharing and saving recipes, then this is a great way to not only fill your recipe box, but to build a Recipe Community of like- minded folks.

Chocolate Mayan Bundt Cake is an easy to make dessert, richly full of flavor, smoky chocolate goodness and a teeny bit of spice. DELICIOUS!
Every time you are on a blog and really like the recipe post, like my Chocolate Mayan Bundt Cake here, just click that Yum button and it will immediately share to your ‘Recipe Box’.  To try it now, just click on the link!

You can customize the box too and set up a number of different recipe categories.
Yummly also has a bookmarklet that will sit on our browser bar. Just one click and that recipe is safely stored for future use.

A chewy chocolate toffee bar smothered in yummy Maple Fudge! An easy no-bake maple fudge recipe that will disappear right before your eyes! Guaranteed!Yummly has many uses and will even generate a grocery list for you! So if you wanted to make my Maple Fudge Toffee Bars, but don’t know what ingredients you need, presto! There is your list.  Want to get started right now? Check out this link at WikiHOW has a great instructional page to get you started.

upside down apple cake with ice cream and caramel sauce
Don’t need a recipe that serves 6? Yummly will let you alter the recipe so it fits your needs exactly. Pretty cool, huh?
Under taste preferences you can choose a specific diet you follow – for example if you are vegetarian, or if you don’t like Brussels sprouts. My favorite part is the “Tastebuds” where you connect with your facebook friends and those that have chosen similar food tastes. You can share great recipes like my Upside Down Apple Cake! It’s a great way to build a recipe community!

See you at Yummly a Recipe Community!  My page is at Pie Lady Bakes.  Join me won’t you?