5 Quick and Easy Apple Desserts for Busy Moms!

5 Quick and Easy Apple Desserts for Busy Moms!

  Ok. I'll admit it. I absolutely love apple desserts. Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Apple Muffins, Apple Coffee Cake... You get the idea, right? And I also have a very limited amount of time to: Grocery Shop Bake You too? So I thought this list of easy apple desserts would...

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Hi I’m Judy, author and recipe creator here at Pie Lady Bakes. I love to eat pie standing at the sink, no calories!  Baking is my Happy Place, and because we’re a busy family we love Easy Dinner Recipes!  You too? I’m married to Mark, and we have embraced “Living Small” so that we can travel to wonderful places like Rome.   Oh and I’m a Grandma too! What’s your biggest baking challenge?