7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge In Spring

7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge In Spring

Hi there! A few weeks ago I published an article about how to be happy and the Danish key to happiness – Hygge.  And you know what? You loved it! It has become one of my top posts!

So I got to thinking, and especially with the Spring Equinox just around the corner, how could I give you even more ways to feel happy, contented and cozy? What about 7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge in Spring?


So this post is to take you into Spring, feeling all of those things and more. And, as a special bonus, I’ve created a 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge that will be delivered to your mailbox while you sleep, and will give you sweet ideas on how to get your Hygge On.Click To Tweet

Yes, there is so much written about Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) about the things we can surround ourselves with to make us feel cozy, like a beautiful chunky shawl, or luscious fat white candles.

But there is definitely more to hygge than the things that get us to our happy space.

Cause if you remember from before, Hygge is about the feelings, right?

Happy Feelings.

Cozy Feelings.

Feelings of Contentment.

So while we equate all of these things with cooler weather, staying indoors, cozying up in front a fire to read or snuggle, 🙂 hygge is everywhere!

And I think you will find that Spring is one of the best times to fit some hygge into your life!

1. Visit your local Farmer’s Market or Flower Market and spend time wandering.

Soaking up the sites, sounds and smells will definitely put a smile on your face.

Outdoor markets are a feast for the senses!

Go by yourself, or meet your best friend there.

You know, the one that you really miss, and haven’t been able to spend time with lately?

Pick up a bunch of fresh cut flowers to take home, like these beautiful white tulips.

Nothing says how to live hygge in Spring like Tulips.

2. Clear your mind.

Turn off the phone and pick up that new novel you’ve been wanting to read.

Or maybe you have an old favorite? I have some amazing books I’ll bet I’ve read them 20 times or more.

They are like old friends, and the contentment I feel I read them is immeasurable. You too?

Brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, light a candle,  and curl up with a cozy blanket and your pet if you have one.

If it’s warm enough to be outdoors, listen to the new leaves in the trees, or the different sounds in your city that mean Spring is here.

Even cozier, curly up with your honey, while you both read.


3. Mindfulness

One of the easiest ways I know to live hygge in spring is to get your hands dirty!

Give your houseplants some TLC. Pick up a bag of new potting soil, maybe a new pot?

And replant your favorites to give them new vigor for Spring.

It may be too early to plant where you live, but those backyard planters are perfect for putting your hands into the soil.

Feel that cool, dark earth on your fingers. Did you find a worm?  Just let it be, it will make your garden happy.

Well, ok Judy, but how is this going to help me get my hygge on?

Mindfulness. Feeling the fresh dirt in your hands, and the care you are giving to your plants.

Try it.


4. Connect. With family or friends or both.

I know how busy you are.

And getting people together takes planning right?

Ask for help, make it a BBQ potluck and spend time getting caught up.

You will be so glad you did.

One of the best ways I know of, to live hygge in spring is to get the BBQ fired up and invite the gang.

It’s a rite of passage really, from the dark days of winter, to the shiny greenness of spring.

After eating, organize the gang for a group walk and enjoy all the feels, smell the smells!


5. Make something yummy

Like this No Bake Grasshopper Pie From the 60s.

Think mint chocolate milkshake in a pie.

Take it to work and share.

Happiness all around.

6. Get some Vitamin D.

Yes there is sunshine out there!

Find your own patch of sun, at the local park, on your front porch, anywhere at all.

Even though it isn’t full strength yet, this springtime sun will soak through your bones, right to your heart.

For us it’s the trailer, and a sheltered spot in the sun fills up your Vitamin D quota for days while you soak up the sun.

Got a spot in mind?

Perfect.  Go there now.


7. Be good to yourself.

Yes you.

That means quiet time alone, away from the stresses, noises and that little voice that keeps saying “I should be doing…”

Just tell that little voice to be quiet and you will get to it later.

Because you will you know.

Those things we have on our lists will always be there.

This is a good time to pick up your journal, wrap yourself in the cozy shawl and write.

Anything at all. And then take a nap.

Happy. Cozy. Contentment.

To keep the ‘feelings’ going, try our new 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge!

Are you convinced you really need some hygge in your life, to live hygge in spring?

Want more information about the Danish Hygge lifestyle?

This post will give you lots more awesome ideas on how to live hygge!  

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You can live hygge in Spring! What is hygge? Being happy, cozy and content and enjoying all the feels, and 7 ways to get you started, included a 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge!

You can live hygge in Spring! What is hygge? Being happy, cozy and content and enjoying all the feels, and 7 ways to get you started, included a 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge!
You can live hygge in Spring! What is hygge? Being happy, cozy and content and enjoying all the feels, and 7 ways to get you started, included a 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge!
30 Simple Ways You Can Live Hygge All Year Long!

30 Simple Ways You Can Live Hygge All Year Long!

How to live Hygge?  You might say how to be happy?* post may contain affiliate links – what does that mean?

What the heck is hygge and why you need it?

Is it a drink? Some kind of Swedish massage? A fitness routine?

Well, actually no to all of the above.

Erm…. It’s all about getting cozy.

You know, cozy? Danish Hygge is….well, there really isn’t a direct translation in English.

Some folks say hygge is pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah.

How to live HYGGE Is all about

  • happiness
  • how to live a more fulfilling life
  • how to live more healthy
  • how to live a more simple life

This post is a tutorial on how to be happy and fit hygge into our lives for all seasons. The Danes certainly got it right, when they embrace living Hygge! In Denmark, bicycles are considered hygge, you can find cafes with Laundromats in them. I love this video from Visit Denmark!

This post will give you:
• A basic background of what it means to live hygge– a Hygge 101 if you like.• You will read about many examples of hygge and why you probably already live hygge in your own life right now!• Some great books, resources, and home décor items to help you get your hygge on.• A great list of 30 Simple Ways for you to live hygge throughout the seasons – yep, all year long.


Hygge 101

As a complete novice to this philosophy I’ll admit, this is what I think how to live hygge is… Hygge or hyggeligt to me means being in the present moment. With purpose.

Feeling my dog’s heartbeat when he cuddles on my chest. Not absent mindedly petting him while I’m scrolling through my feed. Hygge is holding hands with hubby while we watch our favorite team play hockey. (Go Leafs Go).

It’s listening to a close friend tell you the same story again, but pretending you are just hearing it for the first time.

Hygge is sitting by yourself, with a favorite cup of tea, and writing in your journal.  Hygge is the perfect antidote to when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Listening, really listening, without distraction to birdsong in the early hours of the morning while walking the dogs. Or at night being amazed by the size of the moon. When we are at the trailer, and it’s summer and the night is full of stars, I get my hygge on by laying back in a lounge chair and looking for the Big Dipper. And any other dippers I might find along the way. That’s how I live hygge.

What’s the hype about hygge and why should you care?

Hygge is a state of mind. You don’t have to leave town. You don’t even need to leave your apartment! Light some candles, get cozy with a book, maybe even take a nap! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to live hygge either.

Hosting a potluck, doing some baking, a cozy décor,  and using things because they have value – not being superficial.

Get your hygge on by learning to live hygge! Happiness, living simply, being mindful, are all what hygge is about. This great list will give you lots of information and ideas on how to get your hygge on in your own life!

Like all of the art on our walls, makes me happy! It looks cluttered, but I couldn’t possibly part with one picture. I think my blog is very hygge.

Tons of food, with discussions on self care, and tips to be better organized. Pie is definitely hygge! I challenge you not to feel happy when you’re presented with a piece of mouthwatering pie, like this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  How perfect is that?  The chewy, chocolate-y goodness of a warm chocolate chip cookie, all dressed up! 

While you typically see ‘living hygge’ is very popular around Christmastime and during the winter, hygge is all around us no matter what time of year it is.

We just need to

  • stop what we’re doing
  • unplug from our devices
  • be mindful
I think I’ve been searching for hygge for my whole life, but didn’t know it. I have researched for many years, read so many books about living simply, mindfulness, gratitude, living fully, but only just recently found my coziness. Like reading a romance novel on the sofa, snuggled under a soft and woolly throw or blanket.

How to hygge

Here are some of my all-time favorite books and cozy things to help you get your hygge on:

Hygge is all about getting cozy and it’s not just lighting candles at home it’s about sharing your glow and feeling your happiness, by putting candles in the window!

So while we might like candles in the winter to be all cozy and indoors, in the summertime hygge is having a campfire with your very dearest friends

It’s when the neighbors drop by getting caught up on what’s been happening in your lives, talking about world events.  It’s going back in time and sharing funny stories.

These are the things that bring joy and happiness to others, sometimes in a very small way will bring you hygge and that makes sense doesn’t it? Giving always makes you feel so much better than always taking.

And when we’re at that campfire or potluck, or sitting around the table, I love to bring out one of my favorite recipes, like a freshly baked apple cobbler.  I think sweets are completely hygge!

Cinnamon Swirl Apple Cobbler takes a classic apple crisp recipe and gets all dressed up with a delicious cinnamon swirl pie crust topping! So easy to make and a perfect way to use leftover pie crust. Like Cinnamon Pastry met Apple Crisp and fell in love.

You can trade in your treadmill and get outdoors and commune with nature take an extra-long walk with the dog – they’ll certainly enjoy it.

Hygge is going for a long walk and seeing the first signs of spring, watching those leaves budding and hearing the birds chirping after a long quiet winter it’s all about the joy of what the change of seasons – whatever that might mean to you – bring into our lives.

In North America it’s all about being hopeful that the warmer and longer days will be here soon. But also knowing that the cooler weather, and longer nights mean it’s time to rest.

Time to Hygge

Ok, so you’re convinced! You’ve gathered up some pillow, a cozy blanket, some sock and great books. You are READY! You really want to get some of this HYGGE and get it now! I’m going to get ‘hygge’ on this weekend, and here is why you should too!

30 Simple Ways to Live Hygge all year long

Hygge Home and Décor

1. Rustic candles in mason jars

2. Chunky wool throws and afghans (Take up knitting?)

3. Creamy white and neutral pillows piled on your bed to create a hygge sanctuary

4. Soft white candle pillars set around the house and in the windows – share the light!

Hygge at work

5. It’s pretty hard to cozy up a cubicle, but a soft shawl or sweater can help

6. Bring in some favorite photos of family, friends, the dog, and trips you love

7. Easy to care for plants like succulents bring some greenery and are very unassuming

8. Organize a potluck for your team, celebrate a milestone, or have birthday months

9. Make tea time an event every day, use a teapot and tray and include your cube mates with a plate of cookies

Spring Hygge

10. Longer days bring the gloaming, that soft evening glow between day and night

11. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – a must for Spring!

12. Organize family activities, cleaning up the yard, hiking, birdwatching

13. Getting cozy, with the sunshine warming up the room, enjoying a cup of pu-erh tea with a great book.

14. Visit your local Libraries to enjoy hygge and get caught up on the latest bestsellers

15. Have a baking day, solo or with friends and create cozy goodies like rice pudding, apple cobbler, coffee cake, and pie!

See our expanded list for Spring Hygge at 7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge in Spring and our 7 day Spring Hygge Challenge!

Summer Hygge

16. Campfires, toasting marshmallows, sing-alongs

17. Potlucks and BBQs to celebrate milestones, national holidays like the Fourth of July or Canada Day

18. A hammock underneath a huge shade tree, with a cool drink and a great book

19. After working all afternoon doing yard work, a refreshing dip in the pool or lake nearby

20. Ice cream cones on a hot day, when it melts so fast you can’t keep up

21. Butter tarts that having ooey gooey syrupy centers, running up your arm after the first bite.

22. Catch fireflies at night with the kids and put them in jars.

Fall Hygge

23. Light, warmth, and friendship – making life warm and cozy.

24. Family Celebrations, like Thanksgiving

25. Visiting the local orchards to pick the new crop of apples

26. Turning those apples into delicious pies or muffins

27. Turn on the lamps in the late afternoon to give your home a cozy glow

28. Bright red rain boots make splashing in puddles so much more fun!

Winter Hygge

29. Chunky knit blankets and sweaters. Cozy socks in front of a roaring fire.

30. Warm chocolate-y drinks mulled or spiced wine. Homemade cookies, muffins or breads.

Get your hygge on by learning to live hygge! Happiness, living simply, being mindful, are all what hygge is about. This great list will give you lots of information and ideas on how to get your hygge on in your own life!

It must be said that winter is high season to live hygge in Denmark, especially in December. Christmas holidays that include get-togethers in homes, local pubs, and cafes, with lots of laughing, warm drinks and sweets. A particular favorite sweet that the Danes love are Danish Pastries (surprise!) So now you’re all set. You have a complete list of 30 ways on how to practice hygge in your life, including recipes, cozy blankets and socks, fun outdoor activities, and lots of ideas to JUST BE.

Have a wonderful HYGGE life.


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Get your hygge on by learning to live hygge! Happiness, living simply, being mindful, are all what hygge is about. This great list will give you lots of information and ideas on how to get your hygge on in your own life!

Get your hygge on by learning to live hygge! Happiness, living simply, being mindful, are all what hygge is about. This great list will give you lots of information and ideas on how to get your hygge on in your own life!