Hello and welcome to Pie Lady Bakes!


Yes I love to bake pies, and all kinds of desserts. I also love to teach people how to make perfect pie crust, pastry and pies.  But mostly, I’m a storyteller.  That’s really how I arrived here.  Being a food blogger I mean.  I started this entire journey because of my passion for writing, not really knowing that I could combine the two and share both passions with all of you.

Baking with my Mom and Grandma was so much fun.  When Grandma taught me to bake pies – it wasn’t really a passion for her.  She loved pie, don’t get me wrong, but I come from a long line of farm families.  And pie baking was part of the work that had to be done to feed hungry farm hands during harvest, or whatever the task at hand was.

My Dad’s favorite pie was raisin – very sweet and one I will certainly include in the blog.  Oh and cherry, he loved cherry pie.  Mom was more a lemon meringue kind of gal, and really loved no-bake pies.  Watch for those recipes too.

And my favourite?  Well I really can’t think of a pie that I don’t like!  But if pushed I would have to say it’s a toss up between pumpkin pie and blueberry.  My husband’s favorite is blueberry pie too.

So in addition to this blog, I still work full time – but hope to retire soon.  Our weekends are spent at our trailer, at the Double M in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada – with our three dogs – Max, Barkley and Millie!  Oh and we are manic golfers.  It’s great to be able to set up challenges for yourself and golf is the game for the that!  And in addition to enjoying time with family and friends, curling up with a special book and cup of tea is a real treat.

I’ve had an amazing life so far – with lots more to come.  This blog satisfies my passions on so many levels.  I love to write, bake, share ideas, and share my experiences so I hope you will join our little community of bakers, bloggers, foodies and friends.

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