Learn to Bake Pies

If you always check out the pies when you go to a diner, then How to Bake Diner-Style Pies is course for you!  Join over 2000 students, share experiences and hand just have fun!

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Show your Stuff!

We get you started off right with lessons on the right equipment, the ingredients we use and why and how to get the best out of the course. There are discussion areas for each lesson.

Section 2 - Making Pastry and Baking Pies

Section 1 - Baking Equipment, Ingredients & What You will Learn

Here is where the fun really happens! You will make pastry dough, a lemon meringue pie, chocolate cream pie, a rustic galette and so much more!

Not only will you have a chance to post your beautiful pies in the course, there is also a Facebook group for students to join and share their baking prowess

Section 3 - Mini-pies, Hand Pies & Tarts

I share my family butter tart recipe, we make a special apple puff pastry and mini cherry pies.  Yumm!

A compilation of all the recipes included in the course and my Mom's Apple Pie!

Easy as Pie ecookbook!

A special bonus.....

Dianne Emmich, Student

I really enjoyed the course and the teacher is excellent. Loved the recipes and her ideas for the crusts! Thank you for the great class!

Learn to Bake Pies!

Enjoy learning how to bake pies!  Don't miss out on this amazing offer, for a limited time only!

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